Noteworthy at Northeastern: One Earth

The Midwest’s premier environmental film festival is coming to Northeastern Illinois University. Read more about the screening of “Island Earth,” a student who is advocating for the health and well-being of incarcerated women and Stage Center Theatre’s next play in this week’s edition of Noteworthy at Northeastern.

Noteworthy at Northeastern: Book club

Northeastern Illinois University Assistant Professor Sunni Ali has published his second book, four faculty members are preparing for the launch event for the book they recently co-edited, and two faculty members have authored chapters in a new linguistics book. Find out more about the books, a special Mossadegh Initiative movie screening and much more in this week’s edition of Noteworthy at Northeastern.

Ronald Williams Library to partner with Chicago Metro History Fair for second research coaching event

Librarians from Northeastern Illinois University’s Ronald Williams Library will welcome students from area high schools for a daylong "Research-Palooza” in partnership with the Chicago Metro History Fair on Feb. 19.

Sunni Ali publishes book on African American relationship with the flag

Northeastern Illinois University Assistant Professor of Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies Sunni Ali has published a new book that applies a metanarrative of the African American experience to address the challenges many African Americans have paying homage to the nation’s flag.

Noteworthy at Northeastern: Pulitzer Prize-winning guests

Legendary journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein participated in a lively conversation about their Watergate reporting, the current political climate and the age of instant news in Northeastern Illinois University’s latest Daniel L. Goodwin Distinguished Lecture Series event. We’ve got media coverage from the event, an exciting announcement about the Transforming Lives fundraising campaign and lots more in this week’s edition of Noteworthy at Northeastern.

Northeastern Illinois University announces new $12 million goal for Transforming Lives fundraising campaign

Northeastern Illinois University has another reason to celebrate during its 150th year. The institution’s first fundraising campaign, called Transforming Lives: The Campaign for Northeastern Illinois University, reached its $10 million goal well ahead of schedule.

With almost 11 months left in the campaign, Interim President Richard Helldobler has announced an ambitious new goal of $12 million.

Noteworthy at Northeastern: Super Bowl edition

Northeastern Illinois University will launch its first major TV ad campaign in at least eight years on Super Bowl Sunday. Watch the new regional television advertisements, read about the latest regional recognition for the University and get ready for next week’s high-profile visit from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. It’s all in this week’s edition of Noteworthy at Northeastern.

Septura Brass Septet to perform as part of Jewel Box Series

NOTE: Due to weather conditions, the Feb. 9 concert has been canceled.

Noteworthy at Northeastern: Carruthers Center history

Three members of Northeastern Illinois University’s library staff worked together to produce a new digital collection of publications that came out of the Carruthers Center in the 1960s and ’70s.

Find out how to view the collection, which students won the Mach Concerto competition and which students and alumni appeared in the Chicago Tribune’s high-profile project about DACA recipients. It’s all in this week’s edition of Noteworthy at Northeastern.

Noteworthy at Northeastern: Research results

Northeastern Illinois University’s faculty members are always publishing. Read about a new book that explores the frameworks and lived experiences of black women educators and a business law professor’s six-month research fellowship in Singapore in this week’s edition of Noteworthy at Northeastern.


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